Who wants to be a millionaire (law firm edition)?

Three law firms who rank outside the top 100 for 2019 revenues are now knocking on the door of joining the millionaires club: the one million most visited websites in the world.

It's no small achievement for these firms as only 36 of the top 100 firms by revenue currently rank in the million club. 

And, they won't be alone if they get there - two firms from outside the top 100 by revenue are already in the top million global web rankings: DAS and Fenwick Elliott (great work, both).

The three most like to join, it seems to us, are those who are on the cusp and who've grown most in the past quarter:

Simpson Millar;

Hudgell Solicitors; and

Moore Barlow.

Here's a graph of how tantalisingly close these firms are to joining this elite club: