What is The Digital 100?

What is The Digital 100?

The Digital 100 is a service for law firms to benchmark and improve their digital marketing.
It focuses on website, social media and security.

Why do we need The Digital 100?

There’s never been a time when firms have needed to be increasingly front of mind. In a contracting market, you need to win more market share to stand still. We can help you do that.

What is the rationale for the Digital 100?

We believe that with more data, you can make better decisions about:
Who to write for;

What to write about;
How to write; and
When and where to share it.

You can also use the data in this report to deal with the health and hygiene of your digital marketing.

What do I get with The Digital 100?

The service has four main elements:

Quarterly ranking of the top 100 UK law firms’ digital marketing;

Monthly reports into your firm’s digital marketing;

Competitors’ reports; and

Best practice ideas and recommendations.

Quarterly report

The quarterly report is often 20-30 pages long and has a series of industry averages and analysis that allow you to see what’s happening at an industry level across website, social, content engagement and digital best practice.

The firm-level report

We provide a dashboard which shows where you rank against other firms and against your own prior performance.

You can use this dashboard in your internal reporting in PDF or in iframe formats.

I’d like to see one of these dashboards.

Monthly competitor reports

We provide bespoke reports where you can benchmark your firm against others for digital marketing. Perhaps you already know who you compete against and would like to report versus their data?

You can choose from any of the top 200 UK and top 200 US law firms and we can set your benchmarks against them.

Ashurst Digital 100 Q4 ranking

Why do I need The Digital 100?

If you measure your web performance already, then that's a great start. If not, that's something that we can do for you. But managing it using Google Analytics and Search Console is only part of the picture because you also need to know:

  • how others are performing; and
  • what the opportunities are to improve your rankings.

That's what you get when you subscribe to The Digital 100.

What’s on the dashboard?

We use dozens of criteria to rank firms across web, social and security.

We highlight in red and amber the areas you need to address in order to keep up with your competitors. We celebrate those areas you come out top in.

Is the report generic?

We provide tailored feedback for every firm (and only to them) about where their weak spots are and what they could/should do about them. Every report is bespoke to the firm that signs up to the service.


Each month, we provide recommendations as to how to improve:

  • Your search engine rankings;
  • Your website performance
  • Engagement with your content; and
  • Your social media performance.

If you follow our recommendations, your rankings will improve.

Charles Russell Speechlys Digital 100 Q4 ranking

What’s new?

We now provide Google Analytics data on each firm and Search Console data too – all in one place.

For non-tech people this means we tell you what happens before people come onto your site and what happens when they are on the site.

I’m not in the top 100 law firms, can I use the report?

You can and you should. We record data for the top 200 firms so you can use that to assess where you sit against the broader market. Many of the benchmarks are independent of size - so just as useful to smaller firms as to DLA Piper.

What can I use the report for?

  1. If you’re struggling to cut through and find your voice in a crowded market, then this is the report for you.
  2. If you’re thinking of rebuilding your website - this is essential reading.
  3. If you’ve just launched a new website, then it’s a great way to benchmark your performance.
  4. If you’re redrafting your digital marketing strategy, it’s essential reading.
  5. If you’re trying to convince a partnership of the benefits of social media, web and blogging, then it’s a highly useful tool.
  6. If you’re trying to get up to speed with best practice in digital as a management team, then it will help that process.

Allen & Overy Q4 Digital 100 rankings

Why do you care about Google so much?

For people you already know, you’re probably doing a great job of marketing to them. Through your events, your key account programme, your email marketing.
Google is where everyone that doesn’t already know you looks for answers. We help bring you to their attention.
Google sets the rules and we teach you how to play by them.
We love Google because Google leads to more traffic which leads to more work opportunities. Converting those opportunities is where law firm leaders and partners should be spending their time.

Won't larger firms dominate the rankings?

We have removed many of the advantages of size to compare firms' digital marketing. Google doesn’t favour size, so we try and replicate that as far as possible.

Some large firms do well, but some fall well short of their revenue rankings.

What results can we expect to produce?

We have ten-fee-earner practices whose articles rank above the regulator who wrote the rules. Several clients win direct instructions from their websites on a daily/weekly basis.
We have major firms holding off Big Four competitors for content.
We win work for our clients through their digital marketing and reduce fee-earner time spent on doing that marketing.

How much does the service cost?

Option 1 - £2,995 per year for the quarterly industry report

Option 2 - £3,795 per year for the quarterly industry report and monthly firm-level report

Option 3 - £3,995 per year for the quarterly industry report and monthly firm-level report and annual Twitter and LinkedIn audits


12 month-term with annual renewal.

All prices exclude VAT

Next steps

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Bristows Q4 Digital 100 ranking