The #Digital100 report into LinkedIn use by law firms and their leadership teams

We have run a benchmarking report of all the top 100 UK law firms on their use of LinkedIn?

Why do law firms need this report?

The report is a great way of judging how well your firm is communicating your people, your clients and future clients and your future hires.

It allows firms to assess what they are doing against their competitors.

What does the LinkedIn report contain?

The reports contains

  • All 100 firms' impressions on LinkedIn for July 2020;
  • All 100 firms' leadership teams' LinkedIn performance this past quarter;
  • Rankings; and 
  • Personalised suggestions for improvement for your firm/leadership team.

It answers the following questions:

  • Which was the best UK law firm LinkedIn post in July 2020?;
  • Which leaders reached the furthest?;
  • Which firms performed the best on LinkedIn (according to three different criteria); and
  • How often do firms and leaders issue posts?

How do I get a copy of the report?

The report costs £195 plus VAT. If you email Simon Marshall, he'll send you a copy within 24 hours along with an invoice.

Can I see a sample of the report?

Each sample has elements of your firm's performance highlighted - so please just ask for one by email. Sample reports are available for leadership members and CMOs.

Our firm is not in the top 100, can we still buy a copy?

Yes and we'll also benchmark your firm if you give us a few hours. Again, please just drop us an email.



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