What is Digital Marketing As A Service (DMAAS)?

Why should law firms outsource their day-to-day digital marketing?

Do you have the time and the knowledge to execute this to the level required to achieve the optimum results for your firm? Nowadays, it's not possible for one person to keep up to date with all the changes that take place across digital marketing every day. Add to that the need to turn things around for partners, lawyers and other internal clients at high speed and you can see how there's a need to have a specialist agency I place to support the day-to-day running of your website.

Most agencies want to build your website and then walk away. That's not our approach.

We'd like to help you with the day-to-day running of your digital marketing – all of it, one aspect of it (web, email, social, search), or provide holiday cover or handle overflow work – and free up your digital marketers' time to work on the strategic projects.

What is DMAAS?

DMAAS stands for digital marketing as a service. Our DMAAS service is becoming increasingly popular as a third-party option for many firms to outsource their marketing campaigns to. The convenient and value-for-money service involves anything that incorporates digital marketing. Maybe you'd like us to run your website content loading and optimising? Maybe you'd like us to run your email marketing campaigns? Perhaps you'd like us to provide analytics services? When these things are integrated into a single DMAAS service, it is often a weight off the shoulders of CMOs/Heads of marketing and their teams who can then shift their attention to the strategic aspects of their digital marketing.

In short, you're outsourcing your tactics.

Why should we outsource our website content updates?

The benefits of outsourcing website content for law firms are vast and come with significant gains across a broad sector of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards both for individuals and the company as a whole;

● Your marketing won’t suffer as a result of staff problems or annual leave
● You get outside insights on your business that is underpinned by hitting your targets
● You are assured of a return on investment
● You get to focus on what takes your forward, not on what holds you back
● You get to achieve more

What services do DMAAS cover?

We cover all aspects of your firm's online presence. Nothing in digital marketing phases us. We have a significant track record in the following areas:

● Design and usability
● Website development
● Website information architecture
● Content writing
● Social media management
● Email marketing
● Search engine (SERP) performance
● Analytics and data-informed marketing strategies

Will outsourcing our Digital marketing improve response times?

There are various reasons that reflect how response times could improve when outsourcing your digital marketing;

You get the services of a team of experts
● Our team is dedicated specifically to this task, they are specialists and have no distractions

You are attuned to the latest industry updates
● Our team is always improving, deepening and broadening its knowledge of the latest developments in digital marketing. This means that we bring yuou best practice every time and will happily provide a knowledge transfer so that you don’t have to spend the time that we do investing in understanding the latest developments.

You can count on ongoing optimisation
● We look to improve your existing positions every day and every week. If we think that we can make a tweak that will improve your position, we'll do so.

Working with experience
● We're experts that have been around the digital marketing block. We have been there and done it. We're trusted by law firms to deliver this service for them.

You get access to the latest technology
● We use the best technologies available to improve your digital marketing. Where the systems don't exist, we build them. By outsourcing you are effectively renting the latest software and services on the market.

Next steps

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