Facebook company page - one-off audit (hard copy)

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Facebook company page - one-off audit (hard copy)

How well is your page performing on Facebook?

Could you be doing better at converting readers into customers, likes into pounds and dollars?

This one-off Facebook audit will help you optimise your Facebook performance.

How does my Facebook audit work?

We'll review your Facebook feed, review your data and give you personalised recommendations for you to improve your reach and influence.

When we have analysed the data, we will give you some suggestions as to how to improve what you're sharing, how you're sharing it and when you're sharing it.

You'd be surprised how even small tweaks to your strategy can make major differences to the end results.

The report is both quantitative and qualitative.

Does it work?

Buyers of our Facebook audits:

  • Reach more people;
  • Get more likes and shares;
  • Get more comments;
  • Get greater brand profile; and
  • Get more website visitors.

What others say

"I love the simplicity of the report. It takes a whole load of your Facebook data and turns it into simple, actionable advice. I can't recommend it highly enough."

This price is for a one-off audit of your company or brand Facebook page.

We can provide prices for multiple pages if you run more than one for the same company.